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frame-by-frame animation

dr. talay

music video

music video

may you live in interesting times

senior project

may you live in interesting times is a project from first view person from my own perception of the sociopolitical in Bangkok, which has divided into two parts to reveal and portray the cause and the effect. The suffering of Thai citizen as the effect, and what is the government doing to solve problem as the cause through my personal politics, with the use of satirical illustration in animation format, which is the media outlet in my generation, it can help express my personal politics, since politics is not a public matter but a personal one.  

bangkok afterwork
food garage

promotion video for bangkok after work food garage event

what if thailand
becomes like
north korea

a video of scenario that reflects how our country is potentially moving towards dictatorship by combining elements of the current Thai government with those of North Korean to portray the similarities between the two governments.

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